Study Information

The coronavirus pandemic is having a major impact on our usual daily activities. Many businesses have closed and many thousands of Australians are out of work or working less.

We know that there is a strong link between people's involvement in work and their health. In general, working helps promote good health, and being out of work can have a negative impact on health. 

This study, led from Monash University, seeks to understand the work and health of Australians who have become unemployed or who are working less during the pandemic.


We have also collected information from people whose working hours have not been affected, but who may have changed how they worked. These people will act as a control group, and provide valuable insights into how employers and employees are coping with the changed world of work.

This study will provide unique and important data that can be used to inform decision making by workers, their employers and government as the pandemic unfolds.

Study Design

This study aims to answer the following questions:

1. What is the physical and mental health status of people who have lost work during COVID-19 and how does this change over time?

2. What are the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on engagement in work and how does this change over time?

3. What social, administrative, demographic, household and other characteristics are associated with changes in health and work?

To answer these questions we asked people to complete a short survey at 4 time points 


Your current status


month after


months after


months after